These are the original Riding Halters, others have copied or taken credit.  They are hand tied by ME so no middle man.
These riding halters are a gentle effective way to ride your horse bitless.  These work off pressure and release just like rope halters but with better communication, no squeezing or tightening of parts which can make some horses uncomfortable and don't offer the important release you need to train and communicate.  The pull comes lower on the head so you don't end up pulling the halter up the horses face like some other designs.  

This is made with PREMIUM double braided polyester rope, this rope is used by Parelli and others because it doesn't stretch, shrink, fuzz, get stiff and washes up like new.  It won't rot, and you'll never need to oil it.  I prefer this rope over anything leather any day, it is always soft, and supple.  I've had rope halters in my barn going on 12 years and still using them.  $22.00 each

Colors available: black, brown, red, bright blue, neon green, forest green, purple, yellow, black with blue tracer, black with tan tracer.  

To order please go to our Contact Us page and email me your order.  Thank you.


Hi Tammy! I just wanted to give you some positive feedback on the halter that I purchased from you. I finally got to ride in it today. I am pleased that the halter is made out of similar rope, if not the exact same quality rope, that Parelli uses to make their halters. I like that the reins attach slighty to each side instead of both being attached to the same fiador knot with the Parelli natural hackamore. I feel like my pony and I had clearer communication riding in your halter and it is exactly what I was looking for when I found your website. 
Thanks again,

Riding Halters